This was truly a beer and a napkin business. Actually this resulted right after discovering what frozen lime and tequila in beer was like (awesome in case you were wondering). We saw the videos of this sport happening in eastern Europe and Asia and thought how do we try this? The answer was to buy and rent them out to …

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Architect. Optimize. Succeed. It’s more than just a tagline. It’s our approach to solving your business challenges and ensuring we drive the highest value from your IT investments. Our solution advisors work collaboratively with you to understand your business priorities, and architect solutions that solve real business problems… I STRATEGIZED AND EXECUTED MARKETING, BRANDING, AND LEAD GEN CAMPAIGNS FOR COMPANIES SUCH AS: …

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All the greats say if some offers you an experience you should figure it out…  well this was definitely one of those “Fuck it” moments. In my final year at Western University I had been approached to run on a slate… ok quickly, a slate was a new thing just put into student politics where rather than you run individually …

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