This is my current Baby.
As founder of Generation Digital and captain of the digital wave, we aim to help all organizations simplify their marketing and make more money with the assistance of our Generation Digital Portal.

Generation Digital was the product of a childhood love of telling stories and as I grew older I wanted to take this love of storytelling and marry it with the ever changing digital world.

This resulted in Generation Digital.


Often it is difficult to know all the parts of your online presence that you need to focus on. Am I doing enough social? Is my business information correct across the internet (you would be surprised how often it’s not!), am I putting out enough content, does my website make me look professional, etc.

I understand this pain and my team can take out all the difficulty for you as we are giving away a FREE report on the different areas of your company, how it compares to the industry averages, and areas that you can improve.

We are giving these reports away while my team can still handle them so make sure you claim yours as soon as possible.

A lot of people have asked why I created The Generation Digital Portal… what’s the story behind all this hard work and dedication? 

Of course, Generation Digital is about helping you get great results with your organization’s digital marketing. That’s our #1 goal!

But our commitment and dedication to helping you simplify your marketing, increase your revenue, and avoid not knowing how your customers are finding you online goes deeper than that… much deeper!

I wanted to share with you the story behind The Generation Digital Portal so you can understand the reason we do what we do and why we care so much about your organization’s digital marketing success.

I was a University Student trying to gain some real-world experience through digital marketing. I really wanted to show companies how easy it was for them to find and talk with customers online in hopes that I could get some extra money for the weekend.

After graduating from school, I continued on helping local businesses but was torn between wanting to experience the world and spending the time to grow my company.The thing I got stuck with was local companies only have small marketing budgets but are in need of lots of support to be effective. Also, I wanted to experience the world but to make enough money at this rate I wouldn’t have enough time to even do it.  

To make things worse, I felt terrible because these companies deserved support. I felt even worse about the situation because I just didn’t have enough time to do a proper job for the clients and grow my company… I felt like I was stuck.

The real problem was that I was teaching my clients the best digital marketing strategies but I was not using them myself. Which meant I needed to figure out a solution or I knew I would always feel stuck or, worse, guilty about not giving clients the support they deserve. Honestly, it all felt embarrassing.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

I was working with an enterprise client and was thinking about how most marketing firms will just move away from assisting location-based companies (for bigger higher paying clients); leaving early-stage freelancers (like I had been) the only ones to support them. Those freelancers could never give enterprise-level support to their clients (like I was trying to compete against)!

It was now crystal clear to me, how I could help everyone make more money. I saw a way to build the support and to do it in a way everyone could use.

I also learned that it is not easy building everything that is needed to provide (and automate) support, hours and lots of money spent testing and implementing that it seems like every marketing firm (or freelancer) needs to go through, it really felt unnecessary for everyone to have to continuously re-invent the wheel just so they could use it.

As a result, I started to build the Generation Digital Portal.

After I did that, I started showing everyone the power of the portal. Suddenly, I was supporting more people and doing it better! That’s when I realized that the secret to Generation Digital was in the connection of digital natives (students like I had been) and location-based companies with a portal to ensure everyone would be supported would be a WIN, WIN!

My next plan was to have those spreading the word of digital to be able to do so easily and with the guidance of best approaches. Giving confidence, support, and training to those looking to get rewarded for spreading the benefits of the marketing center. So, I started to put together and test out the marketing center. But we didn’t stop there.We then brought together all the products, services, reporting, and support all into one easy to manage portal. Ensuring clients could get enterprise-level support a fraction of the cost.

After that, we created the social profile section of the Generation Digital Portal. Ensuring that we created a sense of community in this digital world. A place where all those looking to simplify their marketing and make more money could meet and discuss strategies.

But there was still a problem… I still wanted to ensure that others would have access and not have to go through building all of this again. We ended up getting so frustrated that we decided to put together another part of the portal so that anyone sharing the word of digital would get properly rewarded.

We chose to call this the:

“Digital Navigator Dashboard”

We thought if we could create something that would make it possible to support everyone on their digital journey, we’d be really happy.

After years of testing and automating out the (personal) pains, we were ready to launch the Generation Digital Portal.

The best part is now that it is built I can just give it away for everyone to use!

We are able to support Digital Natives and those who promote digital to ensure that all organizations embrace digital as we ride this wave together.After creating Generation Digital Portal, I was not only able to Support More Clients (who don’t have the big budgets), I’ve also been able to stop being embarrassed about not using digital marketing strategies myself, because together we can ride a bigger wave (and by that I mean make more money). In the end, all of this means I’m now able to ensure other’s don’t have to go through any of the embarrassment of not properly using digital marketing strategies on their organization.

So, that’s the story behind The Generation Digital Portal. As you can see, what we do and why we care about you and your results goes way deeper than just “organization’s digital marketing”.

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