“The most powerful person in the room is the storyteller. 

The storyteller sets the  vision for the future to come.”

Connect with me

Stories are the only thing we have that connect us.

Market test the world and record the findings in “stories” that allow people to understand or utilize the information.

People, in general, prefer ideas they think are their own.

I know I don’t know.

I’m excited.

If you are willing to approach your thoughts in the same  manner than I invite you to come along this journey of a thought experiment.

However, if you are not then I ask that you please move your energy to something more fruitful for you. I say for you so that it is a WIN WIN. The second win being for my own sanity. I am not ready for the mob as I am still thinking through my thoughts.

I am not ready… yet. 

That is the magic trick of life.

I am still working this out and ask you approach this thought experiment with an open mind. One where you can separate, or at least acknowledge the difference, of emotion and logic.

I don’t know why asking questions causes such discomfort for modern society.  A question can mean an open mind which is seeking the truth.

Why does the truth frighten? When did we begin to feel it made us a lesser person to not know the answer? Should that not cause excitement for something to explore?

Which is the best way for you to follow along?