Welcome to Unified Innovation, the  evolution of innovation!

When we work together all things are possible.
Is your organization ready?

Unifai Solutions is an advanced technology solutions integrator.

Our mission is to help transform existing companies through the successful adoption of disruptive intelligent technology solutions. 

We are hyper-focused on the full life cycle requirements of a successful innovation project, starting with data classification for both structured and unstructured data.

Unifai complements its disruptive solutions with an experienced consulting and implementation team and a vast network of partners within the Unifai Alliance.

We get it, your product is your baby. It was yours from the moment “the idea” popped into your head. You’ve nurtured “The idea” through all it’s growing pains, been with “the idea” in the good and bad times. 

From when everyone told you it wasn’t going to work until  when you finally got to say, “told you so”. But most importantly…

The idea, could change the world…

… if only the world knew.

Let the world know by channel enabling your company allowing you to get to more customers faster.

Bring an immediate scale to your sales and marketing.

The Unifai Alliance is the trusted route to market. We partner with you in strategy, sales, marketing, and technical support.

Our job is to help you GROW!

Unifai distributes and integrates legacy processes and technologies into advanced technologies such as AI, cloud, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain through our vetted and qualified Unifai Alliance partner network.

We bring together solutions to ensure your organization excels at

Business Processes
Advanced Technologies

With an end goal to unlock the potential of data for your organization.

Welcome Unifai Alliance Recruit.

We welcome you on your first step to joining the business of tomorrow… a network of advanced organizations.

Now I must warn you up front that this is not for everyone. We are only looking for the innovators.

For those who say,
“Why should we do it the way everyone has done it?”
And for those who realized that everyone thinks outside the box, so really outside the box is inside the box and it doesn’t even matter for them to figure that out because we know it’ll get replaced by an Uber like company anyways.

Members of the Unifai Alliance are typically seeking:

  • To expand their portfolio of offerings ensuring their clients innovate (and to get paid for it)
  • Pre-packaged marketing campaigns to generate them leads
  • Assistance with partners co-marketing money to fund exponential growth
  • Sales support to ensure the deal gets closed and their teams are supported

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